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Welcome to Allan Spear Construction

Allan Spear Construction, LLC is a leading contractor for both concrete and masonry construction. We provide turnkey services for both concrete and masonry for all building types including, but not limited to, churches, condominiums, barracks, hospitals, institutional, offices, prisons, retails, schools, sports arenas and entertainment complexes. Our concrete scope that we self perform mainly includes foundations, slabs, tilt wall, elevated floor systems (flat plate, waffle, pans, beam and slab), cast-in-place columns, beams, walls sidewalks, roadways, concrete pumping, rebar fabrication, installation of reinforcement, and access equipment such as cranes. In masonry we self perform block, brick, stone, precast, pavers, rebar manufacturing, pumping and scaffolding. We own forming systems, cranes, forklifts, boom pumps, excavators, front end loaders, mast climber scaffolding, rebar cutter-benders, and tractor trailers to support our operations.

Allan Spear Construction is on the cutting edge of technology. An example of this is our leadership in implementing a Building Information Management (BIM) program. With the use of AutoCad and Revit Structure we can use an existing 3D model or create our own 3D model of 2D drawings to assist in layout, job utilization, and visualization which gets the company well prepared and excited about a project way before the first shovel hits the ground. This pre-planning helps with safety and productivity throughout the entire project.

Allan Spear Construction, LLC is headquartered in Gainesville Fl. but we serve our clients, not only nationally, but internationally as well. Our labor force is well trained, efficient, and highly regarded within the industry. We self perform 98% of our work which ensures the quality and timeliness of our work. A stellar safety record allows us to enjoy an EMR Rating of .61.